Puppy Care
Other than the most obvious, love, these are a few things that
can help you when introducing a new puppy to the family.

Snuggle-Safe or Snuggle Puppies:
Snuggle Safe is what we prefer since it can be utilized
throughout the life of the dog without any worry about being
tossed about as a toy! This disc is placed in the microwave
for a few minutes and the heat lasts up to 12 hours. Disc is
made of non-toxic materials and the special material it is
made of keeps the heat to a safe temperature. The Snuggle
Safe can be put under a blanket or inserted into a bed.
Snuggle Puppies are wonderful for your new puppy. They
have microwavable inserts to keep puppy warm and a battery
operated heart that beats like moms. This is a wonderful
item, but we have seen them destroyed by puppies when in
the chewing phase!
Crate training and Crates:
If you have never read up on crate training, then you might
think it cruel or mean to crate train a puppy. In fact it is just the
opposite. Crate training your puppy gives your dog a place to
call their own, a safe place where they can sleep and eat.
Crate training your puppy helps you by aiding in potty training
as most puppies won’t mess where they sleep and allows your
puppies to be somewhere safe when you have to leave them
alone. When you bring your puppy home, even though we have
crate trained, you might find it helpful to create a den-like
atmosphere for him or her to help them sleep. Cover the crate
with a blanket to help dampen any noises that are new to the
puppy and it will also keep the heat in to help your puppy sleep.
We also suggest feeding your puppy in their crate so they
know that it is their space.

We highly recommend the GoGo crate from
This crate can be found by following this link:
This crate is wonderful as it has a divider panel that allows you
to buy just one crate for the life of your dog. You can
change the amount of space that your dog has access to,
starting off with a smaller space as they are puppies and then
graduating to larger then to the entire crate.
We recommend a 42” or 48” crate.
Bell Training:

We at Weimardoods have started bell training with our adult
dogs and have seen them pick up on it immediately. We have
even seen it with puppies that we have kept after 8 weeks for
Puppy Camp pick up on it so quickly that we have become
serious believers in bell training. The concept is simple, hang a
bell from the door you will use to go out of at potty time. Then,
ring the bell for your dog and after a few weeks your pup will
know to ring the bell when they have to go out. Before we
discovered Poochie Bells we were hanging a silver desk bell
from a string on the door knob, but Poochie Bells are so cute
and look so much nicer! Poochie Bells has step by step
instructions available on their site along with a video
demonstration. If interested in purchasing a set of Poochie
Bells click the link below to view their huge assortment of colors
and options that will be sure to look great in your home along
with being such a help in potty training!

Puppies are feed NuVet supplements starting at 6 weeks old
and will come home with a sample. Other than NuVet, if you
keep your puppy on the Innova food, there is no reason to add
anything else to their diet. NuVet Plus Vitamins are a wonderful
blend of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. If interested in
purchasing NuVet for your puppy please follow the link below.


or feel free to call and place your order at 1-800-474-7044 and
be sure to reference code 74990.

If you change to another food or choose not to use NuVet Plus,
we suggest adding a few other supplements to your dogs diet.
Even if you only feed the fish oil supplements, try to use daily
supplements to aid in training. You can use the opportunity of
giving your dog the pill as a means of training your dog to take
what is in your hand and eat it without question. All of our dogs
are so used to the sound of the vitamins being shaken in the
bottle, that they think anything in a bottle that rattles around is a
treat and therefore will eat even the bitterest of antibiotics right
out of our hands instead of having to force feed it or sneak it in
to their food.

- Fish Oil with Omega-3 fatty acids totaling 600mg for the day
with 360mg coming from EPA and 240mg coming from DHA.
This supplement can be found at your local drug store and is
usually on sale
buy one get one free or 50% off. Because fish oil is stinky and
icky smelling, dogs will think it’s a treat and I have never seen a
dog at any age not chew up a pill to get to the liquid.

-Vitamin C is another wonderful additive if you opt to feed
something other than Innova and not use the NuVet. Vitamin C
is something that dogs produce naturally, and unlike other
vitamins, you can not give
too much of it and do damage, any amount extra that the body
doesn’t need is passed directly through the dogs urine.

Treats and Toys:
With young puppies, you will want to stay away from rich things
that you can give as treats to your older puppy. Stick with things
like puppy biscuits until your puppy is at least 12 weeks old.
When your puppy gets into his chewing phase, Nylabones and
puppy Kong’s are wonderful for teething puppies. When your
puppy is older, say 16 weeks you can give other things as
treats. We always stick with natural treats as opposed to
rawhide which can cause diarreah. We suggest things like pig
ears, sterilized bones, knee cap bones, cow hooves, and bully
sticks. Some of these items aren’t exactly what you want up on
the couch and so quiet time in the crate is a great time to give
these. Our favorite item for treats is the Hungry Dog Super
Value Pack. This has a sampling of bones and natural treats
that are a great source of protein! Please be careful and
remember to always monitor your dog when giving a new treat.

Toys are a wonderful thing for you and your puppy, especially
during teething! For your puppy they offer hours of
entertainment and relief for those swollen gums and for you they
are a safe alternative to your shoes, couch, table, baseboards,
drywall, speaker wire, phone cords, socks, flowers, cell phones,
remote controls and most importantly; you! The list above are
things that we have seen destroyed by teething or bored
puppies! So toys, and lots of them, even though sometimes a
little pricey, are a much smaller investment in the long run!

Here’s our favorites broken into ages:
New puppies: Booda Soft Bite Terry Cloth Toys, Dr. Noy’s
Toys (without stuffing) and small tennis balls. New puppies are
babies, and will sleep a lot of the time. The above toys are
wonderful for them and they can grow with them. One of the
best package deals is the Puppy Kong Combo and it comes
with 3 items that all our puppies have loved.

Teething Puppies:
Puppy kongs, Chilly Bone, small Air Kongs, rope bones and
Nylabone Galileo. The Booda Soft Bites mentioned above can
be frozen to help soothe gums.  
Adolecense on: Our absolute favorite toy that we’ve never seen
destroyed is by Doggy Hoot’s and they have some crazy toys!
Tennis balls, big rope bones, and any regular fleece toy is great.
We try to stay away from latex or plastic toys, as they never last
5 minutes in our house and they small pieces can be ingested.
Care and Health:
Dental hygiene is very important with any animal. We suggest
brushing your dogs teeth at least once a month. If you start out
with this when they are young, they will be used to it and
actually like having their teeth brushed especially when teething.
Our dogs actually get excited when they see the tooth brush
come out as they know it is time for the yummy tooth paste
that tastes like liver!
Click here for JeffersPet.com

Your puppy will come home with Innova adult food. This is the
best food on the market! We are adamant about nutrition at
WeimarDoods and have researched every dog food on the
market and even home made diets. We previously feed a
home made diet but found this food to be even better. Our
adults are fed Innova Adult and we have had wonderful results.
Innova contains only fresh, natural ingredients. Turkey and
chicken meat are the main protein sources in Innova, and
Innova is naturally preserved with vitamins C and E. Stores that
sell Innova can be found by following the link below and
entering in your information. Please be prepared as Innova is
not an inexpensive food (around $40 for a 33lb bag) but since it
is high quality you will only feed your adult dog 2-3 cups a day.
To give you an idea of how long a bag lasts, if you feed 3 cups
per day a 33lb bag will last you 90 days.

Poochie-Bells, the only designer doggie doorbell