Since your Weimardoodle will have a medium length coat,
trips to the groomer shouldn’t be necessary as long as basic
grooming has been done at home. With the WeimarDoodles
coat you should only need two basic types of brushes to
groom your dog. First a basic hair brush like you can find at
any store. This doesn’t have to specifically be a dog
grooming brush just a regular old hair brush is fine. The
second is a slicker brush. This will help you to get out any
dead hair once you have combed through your dogs coat
with the hair brush. Get your puppy used to being groomed
young, and you will never have a problem with grooming
time. You will only need to set aside 5-10 minutes a week to
groom your WeimarDoodle unless he or she has gotten
adventurous in the mud!
Nail Care:
When your puppy is very young, we suggest trimming the
nails with a regular nail clipper for humans. This will be all you
will need for the first couple of weeks as during this time you
will need to trim your puppies nails at least once a week as
they will be growing very fast. Once your dog is a little older
you can trim nails about every other week until they are grown
and then you can trim nails once a month when you brush
your dogs teeth. Personally we trim our parents nails every
other week as we have wood floors and don’t walk the dogs
on concrete. If you will be taking your dog for walks on the
sidewalk or concrete, you will find that this will file your dogs
nails making nail trims almost unnecessary. For adult dogs we
recommend regular scissor style clippers and a nail file.
You will want to be careful when trimming your puppies nails
so as not to cut the quick, but even being careful, accidents
sometimes do happen. We always keep a bottle of Kwik
Stop handy to stop the bleeding quickly.
Puppy training classes are an invaluable tool that we highly
recommend. You can find puppy classes at Petsmart and
other stores as well as find trainers who will come to your
home. If you opt not to hire a trainer or attend puppy classes,
you can certainly train your puppy to have beautiful manners
by yourself, the key is to be consistent.

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