About Us

Welcome to WeimarDoods!
We are a small breeder of F1 WeimarDoodles in sunny Florida.
We pride ourselves on breeding for excellence of personality,
health and temperament.

WeimarDoods puppy parents are OFA hip certified and vet
checked in order to ensure healthy, sound parents of
WeimarDoods puppies. WeimarDoods parents are part of our
family so we can vouch for personality and temperament!
WeimarDoodles can be a variety of colors including black,
silver, gray, chestnut, red, and even multi with white on the
chest. WeimarDoodles are typically very loyal dogs that are
athletic but not hyper-active, and extremely smart. The
WeimarDoodle coat is short and wavy with a coarse texture,
much like that of a GoldenDoodle or LabraDoodle.

At WeimarDoods, our puppies are raised in the home with love
and are well socialized. All puppies are crate trained starting at
6 weeks to help make the adjustment to their new home easier.
All WeimarDoods puppies come with a two year health
guarantee and a life time of support from us! When puppies go
home, they have been examined by a veterinarian, vaccinated
and come with a health certificate.

Since a dog becomes a friend for life, we strive to match
WeimarDoods puppies to their new parents in several ways.
We temperament test puppies using the Volhard Puppy
Aptitude Test. We take that, along with what we have come to
learn about the new puppy parents, into consideration when
making matches between puppies and new families. At
WeimarDoods we want to get to know our new puppy parents
and welcome emails, phone calls and any other ways we can
get to know you better to help us make the perfect match!

Please contact us if you would like to know more about adding
a WeimarDoods WeimarDoodle puppy to your family!